Looking for a christening or baptism gift that will really make you stand out amongst the other guests, look no further! We don’t do Pewter baby jewellery or roasry beads. The latest thing in contemporary christening gifts for boys is something the lucky child will treasure forever. It should be something memorable.

Something memorable that sets you apart

You don’t do boring gifts and neither do we. A great christening or baptism gift isn’t teddy bears, keepsake boxes or a baby’s first memories book. It’s something the little bundle of joy will love and treasure for many years to come. It should be something that captures the heart of the parents. Something that is gender-neutral & something they can not only play with when the time is right but something potentially will help them learn when they are ready.

A newborn’s nursery is not complete without a special place for the baby’s keepsakes. Your gift will take pride of place in the nursery. As the child grows so will their curiosity at the play possibilities that await until they are of a suitable age.

Your awesomeness will grow with each retelling of the story of the contemporary christening gift idea that was the pick of the presents on that special day.

Nonreligious contemporary christening gifts for boys are our specialty

Enough of the teasing already we are talking about a Wooden Name Train. A name train consists of an engine and numerous carriages. Each carriage represents a letter of the child’s name. At the right age you can use it to help them learn how to spell their name. Imagine sitting with them as they assemble the carriages in the correct order to spell their name. They’ll have so much fun playing they won’t even know they are learning.

Our name trains are available in 2 styles the Everearth Name Train made from bamboo or the Kaper Kidz Name Train from gorgeous beech wood with a natural stain. To make purchasing your name train set really easy we have developed a fast 3-step process. Delivery is available Australia-wide and takes 2 – 8 days from the Sunshine Coast.

Trains are not just for boys

Trains are not just for boys. They are for girls too. Girls can like trains just as much as boys can. In fact, girls can be just as good at train-related activities as boys. So don’t let anyone tell you that trains are just for boys.

Are you a christening gift zero or a christening gift hero?

It’s time to decide whether you buy something traditional or something contemporary. Should you choose a traditional gift remember the nametraindepot when it’s time to buy the baby a birthday gift. Personalized birthday gifts are all the rage as well and you’ll still have a chance to buy something memorable something that will set you apart from the other gift givers.


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