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There is something special about choosing a baptism gift. Be it in Australia or anywhere in the world, there is such pressure in choosing the most special present for a baby baptism. The search for baby gifts is usually enjoyable with cute little toys and tiny outfits. But it is a completely different ball game when it comes to picking an appropriate present for a baptism. While it is not customary to purchase a religious gift, a baptism gift is expected to reflect how special it is to be part of such an intimate celebration. After all, if you were invited to celebrate a baby’s baptism, it must mean you are considered among close family, favorite friends, or a godparent (congratulations, what an honour!).

Baptism is a one time event that parents cherish. This means you only get one chance at giving a memorable keepsake. This present will most likely be one item from you that they will display until the newborn grows into big boys and girls – so choose wisely! We like to think we offer an alternative to the traditional baptism present. In our opinion a wooden name train is the perfect alternative.

Shop For The Most Memorable Baptism Gift For Baby Boys and Baby Girls

A christening gift idea that stands out above the rest is something unique, timeless and exquisite. Our non traditional idea has all these qualities. 

The newborn is too young to appreciate a gift. This is why the perfect present should reach out to the hearts of the parents and the one bearing the gift. A good suggestion for a baptism gift is one that can be put on display and turn a baby nursery into a room that looks like it came straight out of an interior design magazine.

Get the precious baby a timeless personalised gift that is suitable for any children’s room across Australia. 

The newborn may not appreciate your gift just yet but please note he or she will someday see photos of the nursery and notice the beautiful item you gave when they were less than a year old. Imagine the 7 year old asking his mum in the future who the gift came from, and your name will come up. This is the kind of present that defines you as the thoughtful auntie or uncle in the eyes of young children. 

Absolutely Beautiful Wooden Name Train For Newborn

At the Name Train Depot we offer beautiful wooden name trains that are expertly crafted with fine detail. They say “wooden is the new silver” and rightly so as this brand of name trains make for a precious baptism gift. Our name trains are much more exquisite and definitely more useful than silver spoons in a box! 

We feature two designs in our collection. Both designs are beautifully made. It will be such a challenge to decide which one to choose but one really cannot go wrong. Either one would bring joy to the nursery. We offer high quality materials and good craftsmanship that would make any godparent proud of this gift. 

There are two choice available in the online store. The Ever Earth name train is made from sustainable bamboo wood material. This material has become popular for its ecological nature and warm, modern look. The Kaper Kidz train is made from beech wood which is uniquely characterized by a natural stain. 

Both designs feature an engine that connects to a series of carriages and ends with a caboose. Each carriage bears brightly colored painted letters to form a beautiful personalised train. These will surely be the highlight of the nursery. While they are also fun to play with parents can use the name train to teach the child how to spell their name. Imagine sitting with them as they assemble the carriages in the correct order. Children will be having so much fun they won’t know that they are also learning.

A Name Train is perfect for those who prefer a gender-neutral theme. It comes in a classy blue tone that easily fits right in a baby’s room. 

Exquisite meets fun in this delightful name train that your favorite new born deserves. Shop today for a baptism gift you will be excited to give! We make purchasing online very easy. The online shop will guide you through the convenient ordering process. Delivery from the Sunshine Coast typically takes 2- 8 days to destinations Australia-wide. 

Non Traditional Christening Gift Ideas in Australia  

If only you could hear a mother’s thoughts of “not another silver spoon or mother of pearl comb!” you would veer away from the typical giftware. A customer tends to think that popular is good. But as popular as these traditional baptism gifts are, they have become the butts of baptism gift jokes among parents. A wooden name train is relevant and up to date. It will never go out of fashion.

Remember: wooden is the new silver. Give the baby a keepsake that he or she would find meaningful even as they grow. Mum would approve too! 

For Baptism Celebration Give Something Memorable

We offer a timeless piece of baby room décor. It is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a baby! You gift will proudly remain on the nursery display for a long time and then later on kept as a keepsake. Trains don’t go out of fashion, it is a classic for baby boys and baby girls alike. Your gift will be cherished for years to come.

At the Name Train Depot we free you from traditional nurseryware which range from photo albums, hampers and money boxes. While these kind of gifts will be politely received, a Name Train will be genuinely appreciated. It is the type of present that will “WOW” the crowd. Your gift will stand out and be put on display for a long time yet. 

A Wooden Name Train is an out of the box idea for a baby boy or a baby girl. These are available online and delivered anywhere in Australia. You can decide are you going to get something memorable to celebrate the special occasion or you might as well buy the newborn baby a cake. 


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